10 reasons to fall in love with teaching pilates

I have got to be honest and say that for me, teaching Pilates is THE dream job. I found my passion and I get to do it every day for a JOB! How amazing is that? Not only do I get to go to work and love every moment but, I get paid to do it!

When I first started teaching Pilates I had been in the fitness industry for years and thought of Pilates as just another addition to my resume. I kept teaching classes but, wasn’t interested in teaching in a Pilates studio. I had been at a fitness center for a long time and ran all the programs for Group Fitness and I couldn’t imagine leaving. I did convince the owners to get a Cadillac and a Reformer for a private room so myself and the only other Pilates teacher could set up a little studio doing privates for members. So I picked up a few clients on the off hours of the classes I was teaching.

When it was announced the fitness club was being sold and we should probably start looking for other places to work I decided I would try a Pilates studio and step away from all the group fitness classes. It was the best decision for me I ever made. I could go on for hours and hours on what my reasons are for loving teaching Pilates but, I will break it down to 10 for you.

1. Seeing my clients and students “shine”- One of the things I love about Pilates is it is for everybody. Young, older, male, female, athlete, someone who has never worked out, golf and I could go on and on. Seeing all the differences in my clients bodies and how they move and watching them progress, challenge themselves and starting to “shine” and gain this confidence in how they move and feel. I can’t thank Mr. Pilates enough for this amazing work he created that I get to share every day.

2. Watching those moments of connections– When I taught fitness classes I never really saw how the workout was affecting each individual student. There could be different people each week. Teaching each client, each week I get to see as they progress when they discover something about themselves or their Pilates practice. They are away from distractions and others to really focus on just themselves and what they are doing in those moments. I am there to share and guide those times and it is one of the most amazing experiences

3. Making a difference today– Every day when I head to the studio my husband says “Make a difference” and I truly do! I am happy to head off and know that I get to support, encourage, transform, heal and make people feel good. To hear a client say they weren’t sure they wanted to come in as they were sad, having a bad day or were stressed at work but, they knew I would make them feel better, get their mind together and focus. That is making a difference. I get to make a positive difference every day.

4. I get focused and calm– I am one of those that tends to worry, I tend to have anxiety and at one point suffered panic attacks. Teaching keeps me focused and thinking of others and not myself. It keeps me in the present and I forget the outside world. Teaching has gotten me through many losses, stresses and struggles. To focus on someone else and to be so present for them each hour has saved me as well as helped the client.

5. I get to be barefoot all day– A funny thing to love about teaching right? Growing up my brother and I used to say I had Happy Feet, I couldn’t keep them still and would feel like electricity was shooting through my legs. I found out years and years later about Restless Leg Syndrome and realized that is actually what it was. My feet being trapped in shoes seems to make it worse sometimes so, no shoes? yes please!

6. Learning and Studying never stops– I have always loved to read, I love taking notes and studying. How wonderful that the career of a Pilates teacher is one of constant learning. Studying with Mentors, your own Pilates practice and discovering things in the work for yourself, learning from other clients as you teach them. Now, that I run my Teacher Training Program I find that I am constantly learning and discovering things from my students every class.

7. No routine at this job– Every week and every day is different. Clients get sick, go on vacation, need another day or time so, Monday this week may be completely different from the last Monday. Some days it is back to back and others you have a long break to maybe go do something, take care of errands or just enjoy some time to yourself. I love that it changes and isn’t the same thing day in and day out.

8. My clients– The relationship that is built with each client is so precious. It’s funny because they aren’t like your friends and you are going out to dinner, meeting to gossip or shop yet, I feel that I am just as connected and know them in such a unique way. They are trusting me with their mind and body to guide them to maybe places they aren’t sure they can go. Sometimes it gets emotional and we share something that is unexpected. I love the respect that is between us and it is a relationship that is due to this work we share together.

9. My Pilates Pals– I have met the most beautiful friends through Pilates and teaching. One of my closest lives in Washington State and we met at a Pilates Education thing and have continued our love of learning together. Another who lives 45 minutes away we met at a PMA conference as we sat next to each other waiting for the movie to start. So many others are all over the world and their support and friendship has helped me in so many ways. These friendships have been a complete surprise and such a gift of teaching that I had not seen coming

10. Movement for life– How many get to say that what they do for a job keeps them mobile, healthy and free of injury? I am doing handstands, stronger than I was at 25, my mind can focus more easily and connect to my body in ways that takes the outside world away. My back doesn’t hurt, my knees are still healthy and hips. I don’t slouch and can ski, swim, bike, walk, ride rapids and do so many things that I know I will continue to do for many more years to come! All because I do what I do!

Can you imagine every day making a difference in someone’s life? Having a community that shares your love and passion for what you do every day? As a Pilates Teacher you get to guide your clients in a practice that they are constantly learning and growing with, finding their movement and you get to celebrate all their accomplishments with them. To be able to empower your clients is a wonderful feeling and such a reward. Taking your clients and even yourself into a practice that is for life, to build that relationship that will continue for you and them for years and years to come.

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