4 Tips for Finding the Right Pilates Teacher Training Program for You

You have made that decision! You want to be a Pilates Teacher. Now what? The decision you now have is what type of Pilates Teacher Training Program should you do? There are many choices out there for potential Pilates Teachers , it can be very overwhelming and confusing. I have a few tips to help guide you into the program that is the right fit for you!

My own journey to becoming a Pilates teacher began “way back” when there were no big schools, no modules, no levels, no just Reformer or Mat training. I learned the full system and did many, many hours in the studio. It made my decision very easy in one respect ,there wasn’t a lot to think about in terms of is this program right for me? It was a lot of time and energy, a lot of hours and a lot of mental and physical work for a full year. I also was young and newly married with not a lot of disposable income. My husband worked a job where every year he got a small bonus and that money paid for my Teacher Training. I was teaching fitness classes at the time and would teach my morning classes then head to the Pilates studio and do hours and then head back to teach some afternoon classes and then back to the Pilates studio. When I finally finished all my hours I remember sitting in my car and bursting into tears. I was exhausted, relieved, happy, overwhelmed, and all those months and months of learning, practicing and studying were almost over! It was so worth the year and all those hours!

Today teachers have so many options when it comes to a Teacher Training program. Big school, boutique school, Modules or levels taken over time or as you want, Just Reformer or Mat Training. Then you have Contemporary, Traditional, Classical, Fusion or PT based, how do you decide?

When people call or come to meet with me to ask about my Teacher Training Program there are specific questions I ask that help see if this is the right fit for them. There are tips you can use to find the right training for you. A few things that you may want to sit down and think about before just jumping into a program. I have seen many get into programs and then not be happy and end up leaving or going on into another program later. This can end up costing you more than you had planned when you started your journey!

Here are some tips for you to figure out the route for you!

  1. Environment- What helps you grow and thrive? Is it a mentorship type of learning, very hands on and support from those around you? Do you do better going over things on your own or studying things at home or online? Do you need other students to feed off of? a big group or small group?

  2. Time– Becoming a Comprehensively trained teacher takes time, a year for all learning of exercises, apparatus, anatomy and the hours of practice and teaching. It is a lot but, if you want to be a certified teacher able to teach anywhere to anyone this is the route to go. It can seem overwhelming but, the time and effort will be worth it if this is something you are striving toward.

  3. Money- Becoming a Pilates teacher that teaches in a studio or fully Comprehensive can be expensive. Anywhere from $5,000 and up! If you are looking for the full Comprehensive program and you are looking at a school that has Modules or Levels, add them up for all the Comprehensive is that fee doable for you financially ? Look at what all is included in the fully Comprehensive one price for all? Do you need to take other workshops? or take lessons on top of that? Are you paying to test out or for exams? Figure out what you are comfortable with and look at the full package price of everything and add in what is not included.

  4. Talk to the Teacher Trainer– Go visit the studio and chat and interview the person who will be your actual trainer/teacher during your course. Do you like their philosophy and personality? Do you feel comfortable with them and that you can get what you need and how you need from them. Look around at the studio and maybe chat with others who have gone through the training.

Are you wondering what program to choose for you? Schedule a 15 minute call and let’s see if my Teacher Training program or another program is right for you?



Thank you!