Are We Still Obsessing Over Adele’s Weight Loss?

Hey Guys!

Here we go again with everyone talking about Adele’s amazing weight loss transformation. I wrote a post a while back about why people can’t stop talking about her weight, and well…nothing has really changed a few months later.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about – This week, Adele posted a pic on Instagram celebrating her 32nd birthday and to thank frontline workers. In the pic, she’s looking gorgeous in a fitted black dress and heels.

Adele’s been kinda off the grid for the past few months, so of course it’s impossible NOT to notice how her look has transformed. She looks absolutely stunning. But it’s not like her weight transformation is anything new. Her weight loss triggers a discussion every time she makes an appearance.

Buuuuut the Internet LOST ITS MIND.


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Her post triggered:

  • Over 9 MILLION LIKES (as I write this)
  • An explosion of stories from the media, dissecting her post, debating her transformation, etc.
  • Comments that just…blew my mind.


You know that I’m NOT okay with making comments/judgments about someone’s weight. For some reason, it seems like people assume it’s okay if a person is a celeb… like they’re not a real person or something? IDK.

Here are some comments I read. My thoughts in bold 🙂

  • Unrecognisable. I am not sure in a good way. But u do u gurl. I hope it’s not you bending to what the world wants u to be” Not okay.
  • “I thought she looked great before… I’m happy for her, but a bit too skinny I feel.” Saying you’re “happy for her” doesn’t make it ok to criticize her weight loss.
  • “Gonna be miss the old adele” Actually, she’s the same person.
  • “Those knees are making me sick” Her knees? Really?
  • “what happened to her????” Um, she changed her life to be healthy.
  • “I loved how she looked before more tho” She doesn’t need your approval to be healthy, mmk? 
adele weight loss before and after instagram post black dress

Why do people think it’s okay to make these comments about her weight loss? 

The girl seriously can’t win. She faced criticism before she lost weight, and she’s being criticized now. Which is often the case for ANYONE in the public eye. Especially women.

She’s a person. Will she read all of these comments? Doubt it. But she still probably feels the pressure coming at her from all sides.

So what is this obsession people have with how she looks/how and why she lost weight (especially when there are some VERY REAL problems going on in the world)??

Well, I think the media sets the tone. Most headlines about the post contain the words “weight loss.” Some even claim she’s “showing off her new look, which just makes me wonder why posting a picture of herself means her intention was to show off her body. Ugh.

People never really seem to know the right way to react when a woman loses weight. To make things worse, reading the headlines that fixate on her weight loss makes it way too easy for EVERYONE to fixate on her weight loss.

So what IS the best way to acknowledge her weight loss? What should we do? 

It seems like Adele is happy and she has always been confident about how she looks. So let that serve as inspiration to fuel your own confidence. Accepting your body is HARD, whether it’s looked the same for years, or you’ve had some recent big changes. If Adele can find a way to feel comfortable in her own skin on both sides of the spectrum, so can we!

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