WAG All-Japan Senior Championships

Murakami Mai 56.600 Hiraiwa Yuna 54.632 Hatakeda Hitomi 54.366 All the details from the Mai Murakami/Kazuma Kaya triumph that was all-around finals at the All Japan #Gymnastics Championships Tuesday in Takasaki . Quick hits — Blythe Lawrence (@rockergymnastix) September 22, 2020 Click PLAY or watch Yuna Hiraiwa’s Beam on Twitter. 《2020全日本シニア》平岩優奈選手平均台14.033 — Shimi-GymFan_JPN【しみ】… Continue reading WAG All-Japan Senior Championships


MAG All-Japan Senior Championships

Kaya Kazuma 86.998 Tanigawa Wataru 85.965 Chiba Kenta 85.166. Kohei caught Bretschneider, but made errors to finish 6th on H Bar. Read a recap of the competition on Olympic Channel. For details, click over to Blythe’s QUICK HITS. 全日本社会人選手権終了団体、個人総合2連覇しました試合ができる喜びを久しぶりに感じました更なる高みを目指して頑張ります今後とも応援よろしくお願いします#ぶち上げは始まったばかり#目指せぶち上げの向こう側 — 萱 和磨 kazuma kaya (@1Gymnastics) September 22, 2020  


Kohei training Bretschneider

Very clean. Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter. Kohei Uchimura , now a high bar specialist, is embracing his new status. Uchimura appears to have added a Bretschneider (double twisting Kovacs) to his repertoire for the upcoming All Japan Championships. Well! — Blythe Lawrence (@rockergymnastix) September 21, 2020


Men’s Floor to music

Including a Moon Walk. Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter. 続き。MJリスペクト。来年は何で踊ろうかな。 — MtaKo@9/20マスターズ体操 (@MoriKorosuke) September 21, 2020 That’s from Rocker Gymnastics report on the All Japan Gymnastics Championships currently underway.


Amy Havens – Reconnect to the Reformer (50 mins) – Level 2

Amy Havens leads our first in-studio session since quarantine. Perhaps you haven’t had access to a Reformer during this time, so Amy encourages you to use this class as a way to reconnect and get acquainted with the apparatus again. Go deep and enjoy the flow of movement with the resistance from the springs. This… Continue reading Amy Havens – Reconnect to the Reformer (50 mins) – Level 2


Discussing A New Model of Gymnastics Part 2 – Macro Principles

Last week I released Part 1 of this lecture series on the future of gymnastics, which was very well received by the gymnastics community (find it here). That lecture focused on our big picture concepts about creating and living by a mission statement, behaving in line with your values, and our gym’s “why” for being… Continue reading Discussing A New Model of Gymnastics Part 2 – Macro Principles