Avoid the Cliche and Embrace the Good Weather

Coming from Scotland, the New Year typically marks the time where everyone attempts to start a new and try and shed those winter pounds from the previous month or twelve of indulgence. Ultimately the only people happy are the gym owners who are inundated with new members on 12 month memberships who only last a couple of weeks. Why is it that those with the best intentions end with the short end of the stick whilst others profit?

Research within the health field would indicate participants with specific challenging goals consistently out performed those with vague and less challenging goals 1. Could it be the New Year’s resolution (often used as a marketing ploy) acts as a stimulus for change without putting in place the steps essential in achieving that goal. Within Physiotherapy and personal training in general goals should be put in place following the SMART acronym.

Table 1 SMART Acronym
S Specific
M Measurable
A Achievable
R Realistic
T Time Based


With Christmas having come and gone and hopefully the warm weather continues to grace us with its presence, if you haven’t already now is the perfect opportunity to dust of your old running shoes, dig out the bike or rummage through the loft for your golf clubs.

Why wait to the New Year to set about chasing a SMART goal?

Whatever it is you decide to do it is important to pay attention to your body. Whether it is an old injury or being unprepared physically, any resulting pain can quickly set you back, sometimes literally right back on to the sofa.

Here at Peak our goal is to work with you to keep you on the move and help keep you pain free.

Accordingly any goal can be scaled using the following four components to maximise chances of success2:

  • The target activity
  • The support needed
  • Quantification of performance
  • Time period to achieve desired state


As a studio in Grey Lynn we are going to utilize SMART goals to kick the New Year off the way we intend to continue.

Accordingly a couple of our goals are as follows:

Chris, Physiotherapist

  • As a challenge I have thought I would take up running, a form of exercise until recently I would avoid as if it was bad for me.

Short Term Goal,

Complete the round the bays 8.4 km run on 4th March 2018 in a time faster than the 55 minutes from last year’s run (with no training)

Long Term goal

Run the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic Trail Run, 33km across the Abel Tasman National Park  on Saturday 13th of October 2018.


Courtney, Physiotherapist

  • I intend to stay on top of my fitness, with a focus towards strength and conditioning, alongside building my cardio ability

Short term goal

Attend three pilates classes a week from the 8th of January 2018

Complete 1 hour strength and conditioning sessions with Chris, once a week

Long term goal

Complete the round the bays 8.4km run on 4th March 2018 in one hour with twice weekly cardio training sessions starting from 8th January 2018

Piya, Admin

Short term goal

Attend two Pilates classes a week from the 8th January 2018.

Long term goal

Strength and conditioning training 2 * per week the 8th January 2018.



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2.       Bovend’Eerdt, Thamar JH and Botell, Rachel E and Wade, Derick T. Writing SMART rehabilitation goals and achieving goal attainment scaling: a practical guide. Clinical Rehabilitation 2009 London: SAGE Publications; 2009, p352-361


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