Black Lives Matter athlete roundtable

Erynne Allen (Penn State ‘20), Sierra Brooks (Michigan ‘23), Alexis Brown (UC Davis ‘18), Darian Burns (Seattle Pacific ‘20), Dymiana Cox (Penn State ‘22), Kytra Hunter (Florida ‘15), AJ Jackson (Oklahoma ‘18), Zahra Lawal (Seattle Pacific ‘20), Nya Reed (Florida ‘22), Paige Williams (Minnesota ‘20) and Gabryel Wilson (Michigan ‘23)

Floyd’s murder was the flash-point that ignited impassioned protests throughout the United States, with millions of voices screaming for justice and demanding equity for Black citizens. Social media quickly became a hotbed of emotion, and NCAA gymnastics programs were not immune.

The content of the teams’ responses—both official and unofficial—was heavily scrutinized, with many drawing harsh criticism from the gymnastics community for being too generic or too anemic. …

Black Lives Matter: Shining a Light on Racism in NCAA Gymnastics

Which teams were able to use the words “Black Lives Matter”, and which were forced to use weasel words workarounds?