can you kill COVID-19 with ultraviolet light?

Some Gyms are considering ultraviolet light sanitizing wands for disinfecting Bars, Beams, etc.

At this point, I’d not recommend the technology. 

UV-C works well for purifying liquids. And it’s been used for making food safer for over 50 years.

UV-C light probably kills the new COVID-19 virus IF the light is strong enough, direct enough, and long enough. As I post, however, that’s not yet been scientifically proven.

It did work on MERS and SARS.

But light wands work best on flat, hard surfaces.

UV-C light is dangerous for humans, as well. UV light can cause cancer. Damage eyes. It’s difficult to protect yourself while waving a wand.

NY is testing whether using  powerful ultraviolet lamps can disinfect subways and buses.  In future there might be a way to turn on UV-C lights at night in the Gym to help sanitize.

Companies are working on new ways to disinfect hard surfaces with UV-C light waves.  Robots, for example.

Hospitals and airlines are using the technology.  Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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