Chrissy Teigen Just Schooled The Internet With This Post About Her Body

Hey Guys!

I’ve been talking a lot lately about celebrities and how their bodies are picked apart and criticized waaaay too much. I’ve wondered how we can be better, how celebrities deal with the constant negativity, and WHY this is a thing in the first place.

…and then Chrissy Teigen swooped in and showed us how it’s done.

I’m honestly OBSESSED with her and how she carries herself in the spotlight. She is honest and real, but always keeps things light and HILARIOUS.

But her post on IG this week was the icing on the cake.


Here’s a little background if you don’t know the whole story:

Chrissy posted a video on Twitter of her getting tested for COVID-19. And people were ANGRY. Some thought she was flaunting her privilege, getting tested when so many still don’t have access to testing (in Los Angeles, testing is actually free to all residents whether or not they are showing symptoms).

Some thought her video would scare people away from getting tested, because those tests don’t exactly look pleasant. As always, the keyboard warriors were quick to assume and judge…

I mean… 😂

Kinda ridiculous that people lost their minds over this. I thought it was hilarious! And honestly really cool of her to show us that the test is quick and maybe not as bad as some of us have heard.

Anyways, it’s not like she owed any of us an explanation AT ALL. But in true Chrissy Teigen fashion she responded with grace, humor and maybe a little sarcasm, explaining that she HAD to be tested because she’s having surgery.

And when the assumptions continued about what surgery, is she okay, etc., she posted that BEAUTIFUL photo on Instagram, revealing that she’s just having her breast implants removed. Her reason why and her caption was EVERYTHING.

Basically, she’s “over it” and wants ’em out! No further explanation required.

Can we all be a little more like Chrissy?

Chrissy’s posts always lighten the mood and her attitude is a great reminder that life doesn’t have to be so serious. Even under all of the pressure that comes with being a celeb, she’s quick to remind us that:

  • Your body is YOUR body and what you do with it is YOUR choice and YOUR business.
  • You shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for something that might make you look “better.”
  • Boobs are just boobs.

I think there are probably TONS of women out there (celebs and not) who would have been embarrassed or ashamed to admit to getting any type of cosmetic surgery. It’s totally a personal thing that doesn’t HAVE to be shared, but how cool is it that one little Instagram post can show MILLIONS of women that there is NO shame in making changes to yourself if it makes YOU happy.

IDK about you, but I’m gonna use Chrissy’s post as inspiration to take life a little less seriously. Especially during this time when everything feels serious and heavy, it just feels GOOD to let the small things roll off your shoulders.

Who is your favorite celebrity role model, and why?! Tell me in the comments!

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