conditioning – TRX Suspension Training

Suspension training is ideal for home conditioning. Body weight training.

One review:

Bodyweight exercises that are challenging for conditioned trainers yet simple for beginners to learn and execute.

Range of motion and dynamics of the system allow you to perform unique, multi–planar exercises with varying resistance, something you can’t do on any other exercise machine.

Small size and light weight of the TRX allows for easy transport and storage – it’s a great option for people who travel and those who have limited workout space in their home.

The TRX weighs less than two pounds and can easily be brought on a business trip or put in a drawer while not in use. You can use the gym almost anywhere: attach it to a door in your house, hang it from a weight rack, mount it to a beam in the garage or take it outside and use it at the local playground or park. …

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