Decided To Take Up Running? You Need To Read Platinum Physio’s Top Tips First

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Taking up running is one way many people are making the most of their newfound time in lockdown. With the brighter evenings and sunnier skies what is not to love about the blast of endorphins, you can experience after a run?

So that you do not get caught in your tracks, optimising your training in between runs is recommended. We must be strong enough to cope with 5-6 times our body weight per leg per with every step. Often running gets the blame for causing niggles to reoccur or start, yet it is the lack of conditioning that is the problem.

A research study way back in 2005, was the first to prove an association between strength imbalance around the hip with lower limb overuse injury in runners. Strengthening of the hip in different planes of motion is more important now than ever with the amount of time we also find ourselves sitting as part of our new Covid19 routines. This, combined with other areas of focus, have been proven to reduce pain around the knee and shin.

As you gradually increase your weekly mileage and challenge yourself for better times, you may notice your legs feeling tighter. Adequate recovery time and appropriate nutrition and sleep are vital to provide the optimum conditions for adaptation and repair to occur. Rather than diving to foam roll your muscles after a run, focus on sustained hold stretches of up to 30 seconds duration. If your legs feel heavy pre-run and do not loosen up with a pre-run warm-up, it may be sensible to give it a miss and try the next day again. These techniques are simple but effective at keeping you progressing with your running journey.


  • New covid19 routines are a mixture of more time spent sitting and changes to our previous exercise routines
  • While its great to take up things like running, you must earn the right to run through appropriate strengthening exercises
  • Be sensible and tune in to how your body is feeling and postpone your plans to run if not feeling fresh
  • Do not neglect your mobility and flexibility both post-run and in between runs



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