Detox Teas and The Promise of Weight Loss

Hey guys!

It’s time we have a little chat about detox teas.

You’ve seen them: Teami, BooTea, FlatTummyCo, SkinnyBunny.

They make some really enticing promises, like a guaranteeing a flatter tummy, weight loss, less bloating, and higher metabolism.

So, are these claims for real? And if they’re real, are they safe and effective?

Spoiler alert. They’re lying to you. They’re brainwashing you and stealing your money and they’re putting your health in danger.

I’m tired of seeing so many young women get sucked into the “Teatox” world. It makes me incredibly sad and frustrated to see people fall for something so dangerous, so I did TONS of research to help us all understand this better. The next time an ad for one of these teas pops up on our feed, you’ll know the truth.

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The teatox claims and “research” are ridiculous

So you’ve seen these teas before, right?

But have you paid attention to just how ridiculous some of their claims are?!

For example…

According to FlatTummyCo.’s website, their “Activate” Tea will “reduce bloat, support metabolism, maintain a healthy immune system, and boost energy.”

Their “Cleanse” Tea apparently “detoxifies the system, reduces bloating, decreases water retention and cleanses your digestive system.

Hmm ok.

Teami’s “Skinny” Tea promises natural energy throughout the day. Their “Colon” Tea promises to detox and restore the body.

Basically, they all promise similar things. A boost of energy, higher metabolism, and less bloating.

They promise these products work their magic using only “all-natural” ingredients. But guess what? Natural does NOT mean safe.


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The ingredients are DANGEROUS

You guys, this is insane.

Do you have any idea what’s in detox teas?! Before we get into the ingredients let me hit you with this – NO ONE REALLY KNOWS.

So NORMAL tea – like black tea, green tea, oolong tea…they’re all perfectly healthy drinks.  Well, brands like FlatTummyCo, Fit Tea, Teami and the long list of others just add other weird stuff to tea to make it a SUPPLEMENT. Why? Because it’s a loophole. “Supplements” aren’t inspected by the USDA. In other words, no one is checking these ingredients. 

Speaking of ingredients…wanna know how these teas “detox and cleanse your system” or “make you less bloated?”


Yep. The main ingredient for most of these teas are senna or cassia. I interviewed a few doctors to learn more about these teas, and one was Dr. Axe. YOU GUYS. He told me these ingredients are basically “liquid ExLax.”

And according to the doctors I interviewed, laxatives are addictive. Even in the amount of time it takes to finish the “programs” these brands recommend.

The other common ingredients are scary too.

Guarana. It promises to boost your energy. Sounds great, right?! Well, it’s actually just a caffeine supplement in disguise that can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, and make you feel jittery. Then, you’ll probably crash later.

Garcinia. This is an appetite suppressant in A LOT of these teas. According to another doctor I spoke with, there’s no reliable study that shows this actually works.

The scariest ingredient is the one that some brands hide.

Sibutramine. ANOTHER appetite suppressant that was actually pulled from the market in 2010, because it was linked to heart attack and stroke.

But some brands still use it. They just don’t list it. Remember the regulation loopholes I mentioned before?

I just don’t understand how ingredients like this can so easily get into the hands of young girls.


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I learned the hard way…

I had my own experience with detox teas in high school. And they made me sick for a LONG time.

Just like so many other girls who fall for this stuff, I wanted to lose weight and be skinny. I was insecure and looking for a shortcut.

When I first started drinking Chinese Dieter’s Tea, I had intense cramping and diarrhea within 30 minutes of drinking it. I was lethargic and miserable…but if I stopped taking the tea, I would get extremely constipated. I’m talking DAYS without pooping. The teas became less effective over time, which led to chronic constipation and eventually, I turned to more extreme forms of laxatives. I felt terrible about my body.

You guys. It was YEARS before my gut finally healed. This isn’t something that you just try and hope for the best. These detox teas cause SERIOUS, LASTING DAMAGE.


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The number of celebs and influencers who support detox tea brands is disturbing

If there’s anything these detox tea brands are doing right, it’s marketing. They’ve figured out how to feed on diet culture and they’re experts on targeting young women on social media.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian have a history of pretending to use and loooove these products. But I’m willing to bet BIG money they’ve never really used them. I mean, they don’t have that kind of time to sit on the toilet. What they ARE doing is getting paid. BIG TIME. It’s worth every cent companies like Teami and Flat Tummy Co. are paying to wave their products in the faces of celebs’ MILLIONS of followers.

I’ve noticed some “newer” celebrities like Bachelor contestants pushing these products too. Maybe the sponsorship is more appealing since the spotlight is pretty new?

But even influencers who aren’t quite celeb status have A LOT of influence (hence the name influencer) on their followers. They know better than to think these products actually work. Their followers might not. Young girls see beautiful women with perfect bodies claiming that these teas are their secret. Of course, they take the bait.

A few years ago, I had already caught wind of these skinny teas and wrote a whole blog post about it.

Right after that blog post was published, the CEO of FitTea actually sent me a suuuuuuper sketchy email asking me to remove their name from my post, claiming that they’re a small company shipping out of their garage just trying to support their family.

But here’s the thing.

They had just paid KYLIE JENNER to promote their product. And she’s not cheap – word on the street is that she charges $1.2 million per Instagram post. No, that’s not a typo. $1.2 MILLION.

You want to know the crazy part?! A few months later, someone from FitTea, that same exact company, reached out to me asking if I wanted to do a sponsored post. Wait. What?! Did they totally forget what just happened?

Clearly, some dots are not connecting over at FitTea.


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Are things starting to change? Maybe? 

FINALLLLY some celebs like Jameela Jamil are speaking up about these teas and weight loss products. Jameela didn’t hesitate to call out specific celebs who promote these products to KIDS (because isn’t that what most Instagram users are?).

She made a hilarious post to show how ridiculous these teas are (see below), and started a petition to stop these ads that got around 250,000 signatures.

And it worked. Now, Facebook and Instagram ban users under 18 years old from seeing these ads. But is that enough? Aren’t women in their 20’s almost just as impressionable? I think there’s more work to be done. 

I mean, New Zealand straight up pulled products with senna in them off the shelves.

Meanwhile, companies in the US are hiding dangerous ingredients in their teas and weight loss products and only getting a minor slap on the wrist. These products are a gateway to eating disorders, so why are we not taking this more seriously?!?! 

According to Dr. Axe, it all comes down to funding and not having enough eyes on the situation.

So what do we do? We keep speaking up and demanding action.

There’s no shortcut to being healthy, so don’t fall for these products! 

WOW guys. This topic gets me soooo fired up. I KNOW it’s hard to scroll through social media and see bodies that you think you need to look like. I KNOW what it feels like to want to try absolutely anything to make losing weight or getting that flat tummy just a little easier.

I’ve been there. I fell for it. and I faced the consequences for a looooooong time.

Here’s my advice:

  1. If you own any of these teas, throw them in the trash.
  2. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel insecure. Follow people who empower you and value things like healthy, strong bodies and self-love.
  3. Remember that if you want to lose weight or fat, or tone or build muscle, it always comes down to activity and lots of healthy foods. There is no magic pill or shortcut. Start slow and do what feels good. Don’t deprive or shame yourself. EVER.

If you’re feeling bad about yourself and the way you look, or if you’re obsessing over calories and the number on the scale, I need you to hear me right now.

What Instagram, or reality TV shows as the “perfect body” IS NOT REAL. These people are Photoshopped and airbrushed and hit with plastic surgery, or all of the above to look that way. You are perfect the way you are! So please, please, please take care of yourself.

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