Empowering Olympic, Paralympic and Amateur Athletes Act

It’s now law.

The act grants Congress the power to remove members of the USOPC Board of Directors, while it would have the ability to decertify national governing bodies in the country if they fail to adhere to requirements.

The act would also require the USOPC to give the US Center for SafeSport $20 million (£15.5 million/€17 million) in annual funding to do its work more effectively.

The act establishes safeguards designed to protect amateur athletes from abuse from coaches and other officials within Olympic and Paralympic sports. …

The bill is expected to see the formation of a 16-member commission on the State of the U.S. Olympics and Paralympics. …

At least eight members would have to be current or former Olympic or Paralympic athletes.

Inside the Games

I’m certain at least one gymnast will be included on the commission as this whole process was started because USA Gymnastics mishandled the case of their criminal doctor.