Feeling Tired? 7 Unexpected Causes of Fatigue

Hey Guys!

Have you ever felt like all of a sudden you’re just tired ALL THE TIME? Like no matter what you do, all you can think about is laying down for a quick nap? Or you dream about going to bed early all day, even if you’re technically getting “enough” sleep?!

I get like this sometimes, which is really weird because I’m usually full of energy. So when I’m dragging, I’m like ok WHAT is going on?!! When I feel like this, I also want to just skip my workout and snack all day. And then I just feel worse.

Turns out a lot more than sleep goes into our energy level. There are some things that could be zapping your energy that you wouldn’t even think about!

Check these out – if you’ve been feeling drained lately, maybe they can help you figure out why!

You’re not getting QUALITY sleep

So you’re sleeping at least 7 hours per night, but are you doing that consistently? And are you sleeping WELL?!

Here are some things you can do to make sure you’re getting solid, quality sleep:

  • No screen time 30 min before bed
  • Make sure the room is dark
  • Set up a comfortable temperature
  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon
  • Try relaxation techniques before bed (meditation, journaling, yoga, etc.)

Changing your diet might help if you’re feeling tired

Food = fuel, so it kinda makes sense that eating well is a big deal for your energy levels!

First of all, try not to skip meals! When you go too long between meals, your blood sugar can drop, and that’s gonna make you feel pretty sluggish. On the other hand, there are some foods that cause your blood sugar to rise more quickly. Eating these “high glycemic foods,” like sweets, could make your blood sugar crash later, bringing your energy down with it.

If you recently started a new diet or cut out certain foods, that could be the issue too. Make sure you’re eating ENOUGH. If you cut back too much, your body will compensate with less energy.

Vitamins and minerals are a big deal for your body’s energy production system. Set your cells up for success with plenty of nutrient-dense foods and a balanced diet with carbs, protein and healthy fats.

You’re on your period

Heyyyyy hormones!

If you’re about to start your period, you can blame a hormone shift for your fatigue. From ovulation to the start of your period, progesterone is high. That makes you feel tired. Serotonin crashes around this time too, which also contributes to the problem.

Don’t worry though, those hormones will bounce back to normal soon and you’ll feel more like yourself!

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How much water have you had today?

Not coffee, tea, diet soda, etc. ACTUAL WATER.

The easiest way to tell if you’re hydrated is by checking the color of your pee. Gross I know, but important! It should be almost clear, with a slight yellow tint. If it’s darker, you need more water. The best way to make sure I’m drinking enough is to keep a water bottle on me at all times. Then I try to just be mindful about how often I’ve filled it up throughout the day.

If you’re tired and you’re a coffee/tea/soda drinker, then more caffeine is going to sound VERY tempting. Try not to give in, at least until you’ve chugged some H2O! Too much caffeine can actually contribute to fatigue too.

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You need to get moving

A lazy day might actually make you feel MORE tired. And exercise can actually BOOST your energy. Sounds backwards, but it’s true!

If you find yourself craving a nap, think about how much you’ve moved that day. Have you been sitting at a desk or bingeing Netflix? If yes, then get up and go for a quick walk around the block or a lap around your office. Walk your dog. Do 30 jumping jacks. Vacuum your living room. Anything to get up and move for a minute! This is usually what helps me when I’m feeling tired 🙂

Check your mental health

Your mental health affects your energy levels. If you’ve been stressed, you might feel physically tired AND mentally tired.

Brain drain is real. I’ve been there.

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break and step away from whatever is stressing you out. Get outside and get some fresh air, try a meditation app, or even take a little vacay.

Chronic fatigue is a sign of more serious mental health issues like depression and anxiety too. If you notice you’re not feeling like yourself on top of being super tired, reach out to a professional!

You might need to ask your doctor

If all else fails, ask your doctor.

There are A TON of deeper issues going on if you’re feeling tired. Things like:

  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Thyroid issues
  • Sleep disorders
  • UTI
  • Certain medications

And other conditions need to be diagnosed and treated so you can feel better! So if you’ve tried everything with no relief, definitely check in with a professional!

Let me know how you’ve been feeling lately in the comments below!

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