Finding Your Pilates Community in Teacher Training and Beyond!

Maybe you are thinking about becoming a Pilates teacher because you want to connect with others, to feel like you belong to this awesome work of Joseph Pilates and to share something that had made a difference in your life and health. You want to feel a community that is there for you just like you want to be there for others. I remember when I was going through my Teacher Training over 25 years ago and there were 2 lovely gals in my class. We spent every Sunday together but, during the rest of the time, it was if I was on my own. We didn’t spend hours going over things together, practicing together or chatting on what we all were feeling and the stress and overwhelming aspect of all that going through Teacher Training involved. Long hours, learning anatomy (which to me was trying to learn a very hard foreign language), learning choreography and then on top of all that, teaching clients. When I passed my exams and headed out to teach I felt like someone had opened up a door and pushed me out, leaving me feeling like a little girl who had been dropped off at a new school knowing no-one and feeling as if everyone was staring at me, judging like “what is SHE doing here?”

There is always a lot of talk and chatter about Yoga and the Yoga Community. The support and the guidance of a group that shares a passion and cheers each other through the movement for them. Beginning your journey as a Pilates teacher that sense of belonging and connection is so important, starting with those hours and hours when you are going through your Teacher Training. You don’t want to feel isolated, lonely or judged. You don’t want to feel you are always doing something wrong and never right.

I hear from teachers all the time how they wish their Teacher Training had given them that sense of community not only in training but, once they left. It is important when you are looking into a Teacher Training Program or Bridging Program to see if you will be getting that community you are craving. One reason I created my Teacher Training Program was to give that community to students. I wanted them to find that at the very start of their journey and have that continue for them long after they opened up that door as they passed their exams. I didn’t want any student to feel like that little girl who had been dropped off knowing no one and feeling lost.

Here are 3 few tips when you are looking to make sure you find that community for you.

1. Showing Similar values and ideals- you want to make sure your community share the same interest and passion for Pilates of course but, also that they know you and know your values and ideals. They will lift one another and provide the space for the community to make those connections with each other.

2. Encouraging Interaction- When looking see if other students and teachers are introduced and connections are encouraged. When the teachers in the studio, the clients in the studio want to know about you and you about them the bonds begin to form for that community you are wanting.

3. Extracurricular activities– Is there an opportunity to do things as a community outside the normal hours of your Teacher Training. Extra workshops, extra meet to share and discuss, activities outside the studio like charities, fairs or ways that as a community going out into the world to show others

Having that community of fellow Pilates Teachers and Mentors is such a gift as you go from a Teacher Training student out into the world of teaching. I know these tips are just a few of the things you can do to help find and create YOUR community. Are you looking for that community or feel it is lost for you? I am happy to chat with you on Finding that community with your Teacher Training or Bridging Program.

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