GymnaChef by Betsy McNally-Laouar

“GymnaChef” by Betsy McNally Laouar and Chef Mess Laouar is way more than a cookbook for gymnasts. …

… over 50 recipes for:
Great-Start breakfasts, including Dark Chocolate Protein Pancakes
Energizing Mid-Morning Snacks like M’ Energy Bar
Nutrient-Rich Lunches like the GymnaBurger and Green Soup
Delicious Functional Dinners with, yes! Coconut Chicken Cordon Bleu
Vitamin-Dense and Decadent Desserts, like Berry Mouse


Betsy was a gymnast, coach and runs many workshops. She specializes in promoting balance, positive and healthy body image, non-restrictive and performance nutrition, and strength training for gymnasts.

She has another book called Binges & Balance Beams, a memoir of her childhood as a competitive gymnast and, later, a professional bodybuilder and trainer.

It shows how obsessive dieting, training, and body issues led to binge eating, relationship woes, and a life out of balance and out of control.