Gymnast Alliance #gymnastalliance

Dvora posted an article for Vice:

The Gymnast Alliance is forcing a reckoning with abusive practices that have long been at the center of the sport.

… hundreds of gymnasts from all over would post their personal stories of pain and abuse to social media using the hashtag.

They spoke of being forced to train and compete on serious injuries; of being publicly shamed for their weight; of being screamed at and belittled for making mistakes in practice.

Press attention would soon follow, with reports on ITV and other outlets. And the #gymnastalliance would soon spread to other countries, with gymnasts in Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands speaking up about abuse at the highest level of sports there.

Hotlines have been set up; independent inquiries have been promised; coaches have been suspended. …

“We Won’t Stop”: Gymnasts Around the World Are Organizing To End Abuse

Downie sisters have spoken up about abuse.