Gymnastics – optimal number of training hours

All coaches agree there’s never enough time to include everything they want in any training plan.

We need to set priorities.

And not waste time.

GAGE is one club I’d highlight as having very efficient training.

I’m hopeful that COVID-19 reset results in many Gyms reducing training hours.  Setting more modest, achievable goals.  Goals less performance / ranking based, more personal development.

Injuries reduce the number of effective training hours.  Fewer injuries over the career = more effective hours.

… but to answer the question, I’ve always admired Shawn Johnson’s plan.  She trained maximum 24 hours / week during High School with one training / day.  And became the best gymnast in the world.

If your goal is not to become one of the best gymnasts in the world, training hours should be fewer than 24 / week.

Aimee posted Simone’s hours on Twitter.

Keith Russell often talks about finding the best coach / hour

With less training time, less equipment, who’s the best coach?

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