In this time of Covoid-19 your boutique Pilates studio

is the place for you to get that workout in!

Pilates has always been a bit misunderstood by the so-called fitness world. Many still think it is like Yoga or is only for dancers. There are also many Pilates hybrids out in the fitness world with big classes or high impact style Pilates but, in this time of Covoid-19 and getting back into your workout why is that Pilates studio being lumped in with the big gyms? Why are the small boutique Pilates studios looked at as a gym with large groups of people, equipment, and classes all running together? They are not the same and going back to your boutique studio is one of the safest workouts you can do. Boutique Pilates studios are a place where safety, keeping apparatus clean, keeping clients safe is something that has always been in place for us in our studio’s.

I have been teaching Pilates for almost 30 years and have owned my boutique studio for a little over 15. Being lumped in with big gyms, places with big group classes or even those other boutiques styled group class places has been something I have found up until now, just a little frustrating but with talks of going back to workouts and work it has become a true issue.

My studio is like many of my friends who own Pilates studios. I am the owner, I am the only teacher. In my studio, it is just me and the client I am teaching. I don’t run any group classes and each apparatus is cleaned by me after every single client. That has always been the way. Clients come because they have back pain, hip pain, had an injury and want to stay injury-free, have imbalances that are creating pain in their everyday life, and they want to get strong to be able to do the activities in the outside world. Chiropractors and doctors refer clients due to the one on one focus and individualized sessions.

Here are some things to know about Boutique Pilates studios:

1. These studios are by appointment only– We control how many are in the studio and for many of us it is just the teacher and client. It is something we have in place and can easily ensure the safety of social distancing.

2. We control cleaning– Leaving 10 minutes between each client gives us time to clean each apparatus from every part that was touched by anyone. Hands are washed before and after by not only the teacher but the client. Shoes are left outside studio and socks are worn by all. We also can supply each client their own straps to hold, gloves to use to make them and everyone feel safe and comfortable.

3. One on one training– Pilates studios started as one one one with teacher and client. Using all different forms of apparatus developed by Joseph Pilates to gear the needs, challenges, and goals of that individual client. These boutique studios continue that one-on-one training and are not running big classes.

4. Like a hairdresser- This is what I have found as the best way to describe it. As a Pilates studio owner and teacher, my business is run like that of a hairdresser. The client contacts me and I schedule them at a time that works for them and me. That hour is booked and no one else can join us. As boutique studio teachers we can only do that client at that moment, just like a hairdresser. We can control our schedule to not have clients back to back, overlap, or even cross paths as they come and go. We can control not having anyone in our space while we are there.

As the world opens up I have no fear, no issues with starting up my studio again. I feel safe and I know my clients are safe. We can wear a mask, gloves and have the studio to ourselves. I know my apparatus and floor and surfaces will be cleaned between each client. Each night the entire studio is cleaned from top to bottom as it always has been. As boutique studio teachers we have that one on one relationship with each client. Communication is easy as that is what our format is based on. We contact the client personally to get them set up, we can make sure they are on the same page as they come into the studio.

To lump the Pilates Boutique studio in with gyms, boutique group class situations, or those types of fitness places is funny to me as all these years of owning my studio Pilates has always been one that wasn’t included as we weren’t even thought of as fitness by many. Now, to be looked at the same as a Cycle gym, 24-hour gym or place running a class with 12 or more people is a disservice to our studio and our clientele. Many of our clients stay out of pain due to the one on one sessions they get 1-2x a week.

In this new normal business’s need to open when it is safe to reopen based on their situation. To lump the boutique Pilates studio in with the gyms and large group class fitness facilities is a disservice to the studios and the clients who come to the individualized workout for not only their physical health but, mental health as well. We know in this world of Covid-19 having that time, even that hour to have the focus to move, breathe, and focus on your movement with no distractions is something that is truly needed. So for those that come to my studio and those of other Boutique Pilates studios knowing we are giving our clients that mental and physical health at a time that it is truly needed is why we do what we do.