Is Something Missing in Your Pilates Training? Top Ten Reasons Why.

Many of us have had the experience of finally figuring out something was missing from our training.

It goes something like this:
You have been practising Pilates 2 – 3 times a week and you decide to try out another studio. You may have heard good things about this studio and/or you may have the occasion to try Pilates while you are on vacation. You are excited to try a new class only to find the teacher expects to assess you personally and is not so enamoured with your performance. You wonder if the teacher is just being overly critical or could it be that you somehow did not understand what was expected of you during your previous training. After all some very well known people train at your previous place of practice…

This type of situation can crop up for a variety of reasons.

Top Ten Reasons Why

  • You started in a large group class
  • You started by dropping into gym style Pilates classes
  • You trained in a Contemporary stream of Pilates but the new studio you tried was Classical Pilates or Classical Pilates with up-to-date muscular-skeletal medical information
  • You trained with a teacher who was not certified to teach Pilates but had some sort of background in alternative medicine or dance or yoga
  • You didn’t know about the in-depth training, properly certified teachers undergo and that someone who has practised Pilates for many years is still not capable of teaching properly without completion of teacher training
  • You trained with a teacher with only on-line certifications
  • You didn’t know you had to ask to see the teacher’s certifications much less check the certifying body for what your teacher learned
  • You didn’t know there are teachers who will try to deceive you into thinking you do not need to ask to see their certifications because they do not have any to show you
  • You were never taught the Fundamentals nor the Principles of Pilates
  • You have a postural deviation that was never assessed nor addressed

The above-noted scenarios are why I wrote my first blog: Pilates Training; Make an Educated Choice.

The general public does not know that there is such a variation in teaching styles nor do they realize what this means in terms of what they will learn. Word of mouth referrals can be great but does the person making the referral know about the different streams and what this means in terms of their friend’s needs.

Benefits of Classical Pilates Training with Current Muscular-Skeletal Medical Information

It has often been said that Joseph Pilates was 50 years ahead of his time. We believe that Joe would have been abreast of the latest in muscular-skeletal medicine. It is for this reason and more that I chose to train with Body Harmonics Pilates. Body Harmonics method helps you build optimal strength and movement in your entire body. In all classes, it is our goal is to preserve and build the best functional patterns of movement your body is capable of.

Our Approach is for You If…

Pilates mat class

  • You want to feel flexible and free of tension during and after a class or private session
  • You want an integrated program based in research and sound movement principles
  • You realize that change takes time and a systematic approach
  • You prefer an intimate setting where you look forward to seeing your peers
  • You are an athlete, runner or golfer wishing to improve performance
  • You need to correct your posture, strengthen your core or address a rehabilitation issue
  • You want a choice of Reformer, Cadillac or Mat classes with small apparatus with personal attention in private or small group sessions

For further information on this topic, please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation and assessment.