Let’s Talk About The Quarantine 15

So, I guess the “Quarantine 15” is a thing now?

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s like the “Freshman 15,” but for all of us quarantined at home. At first I mostly saw jokes and memes about it, but I’m starting to see it pop up more and more.

It kinda makes sense. I mean, who knew being at home would make me so obsessed with snacks?! Factor in the gyms being closed and the “gloom and doom” vibe hanging over all of us, it’s not surprising AT ALL that some of our good habits have gone out the window.

But…should we really be worried about gaining weight?

I mean, we’re bored. We’re a little anxious. We’re straight up BUMMED every single time we catch a glimpse of the news. Comfort is KEY right now. Soooo we’re snacking and we’re treating ourselves to pizza. We’re baking with our families!

This quarantine isn’t a joke or a meme. It’s real life trauma, and we’re just…dealing.

Don’t be hard on yourself

If you can’t bear another day in sweatpants but your jeans feel snug when you try to put them on, don’t sweat it. Go put on leggings instead. They’ll never betray you.

Ok, but for real. No worries.

First of all, psychologists say a little weight gain during a pandemic or any global crisis is NORMAL. That means you’re not doing anything wrong. You’re not “off the wagon,” and you’re not going to have to start all over when life picks back up.

Even if you’re doing everything exactly the same as before, there’s a good chance that stress is a factor. And right now, you don’t have a ton of control over that stress.

I’m alwayyyyys saying that your fitness journey and your lifestyle is all about the long term. This quarantine is temporary and it’s not normal life for any of us. If your jeans are tight because you’ve enjoyed a few extra cookies with your family, or because you’re getting some rest for the first time in who knows how long, that’s ok! Actually, it’s probably needed. It probably feels good, right?!

Trust me. I feel off too! But I’m not body shaming myself because it’s NEVER productive. So just don’t. You’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon! Give yourself a break.

Exercise is amazing self-care during quarantine

Sometimes being at home seriously makes me crazzaayy. But getting a good sweat always makes me feel better! If you’re feeling uptight, anxious, or just bored to tears, move that body!

Do you have to do intense HIIT workouts and run marathons? NOPE. Do you even have to pick up a weight? NOPE.Even stretching releases stress and those hormones that make you feel goooooood. Just do something you love.

Turn up the tunes and dance!

Run around outside with your kids!

Go for a walk!

Just move and breathe. 

blogilates self care breathe pink neon sign

And if you don’t feel like working out… you don’t have to! 

Self-care is soooo important, especially right now. And sometimes self-care means REST.

There’s a lot of pressure to workout now that we all have extra time on our hands. But that pressure might feel like too much right now. Maybe you really needed this time to slow down. Maybe it feels better to be productive in other ways, like working around the house. Maybe you’re already working from home, while homeschooling your kids AND trying to manage your home. Whew.

If you need a break, take it. Plain and simple. You’ll know when you’re ready to jump back in!

Try not to worry about the Quarantine 15. Instead, use how you FEEL as motivation. 

Think about what you need! Eat healthy foods to take care of your body, but also enjoy some comfort food with your family. Exercise if it energizes you and makes you feel good, but rest when you need it.

And don’t forget I’m here to help! If you’re craving routine and some good workouts, jump into the April Workout Calendar! If you want to try some healthy and delicious (and suuuuuuper easy) recipes, here are a few that are totally drool-worthy.

We’re gonna get through this together!

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