Men’s Gymnastics online competitions

If your guys want to compete but are limited by COVID-19 restrictions, geography or travel costs — here’s a new option:

Compete from the comfort of your own gym, with gymnasts from around the world.

Fantasy Gymnastics, LLC provides a 12-week competition season. (January 4th – April 2nd, 2021)

Note that this program is totally different than other “Fantasy Gymnastics” sites. 

All Men’s U.S.  Junior Program levels and divisions, Junior F.I.G., Seniors and College gymnasts can compete.

Athletes can upload six or more routines per week

Each week-long competition allows athletes to obtain stars, medals, shields and trophies in the Virtual Trophy room. Share your videos for your friends to see.

The U.S. Junior Men’s National Apparatus Leaders will be head judges on each apparatus.


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