Meredith Rogers – Tendon Stretch (3 mins) – Fundamental

Muscle Focus- Abdominals. Objective- Strengthening the abdominals and stretching the Achilles tendons. Reformer Setup- Start with one medium and one light tension spring. Tension can be made heavier or lighter depending on the resistance desired. The Footbar is up. Start Position- Start seated on Footbar with hands on the Footbar. Feet are parallel, hip-distance apart on the edge of the carriage. Keeping the arms straight, lower heels towards the springs, push down in Footbar with hands to lift hips up to Pike position. Legs are straight and eyes are looking towards legs to keep flexion in the spine. Movement- Keeping the arms straight, press the carriage forward keeping the heels pressed underneath the carriage. The pelvis will lower as the carriage presses out and the hips pike up to return the carriage home. Maintain straight arms and legs throughout the exercise. Repeat as desired.