NCAA athletes taking power

Jessica O’Beirne has — for years — been pointing out that everyone in the NCAA has power, except the athletes. 

The talent.

But times they are a-Changin’.

Last year Kylin Hill won the Conerly Trophy, awarded to the top player in the state of Mississippi.

He’s not coming back for his Senior year unless the state flag is changed to remove the the banner of the Confederacy. 

Last week, the NCAA expanded its Confederate flag policy to prohibit all its championship events from being played in states that fly the flag, including regional sites in sports such as baseball, softball, lacrosse and women’s basketball. …

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey also threatened to not hold future championship events in the state …

Several state universities, including Mississippi State and Ole Miss, stopped flying the flag in 2016 …


Let’s see if Mississippi State loves football more than their flag.