New Tower Reformers

Rachel and Stacey from Team Botany have been trying out our new Tower Reformers, with the goal to start 30 minute Power Tower classes in 2018.

Some key differences between a regular Reformer machine and a Tower Reformer are:

  • The Tower allows for more variation of exercises, so you can do mat, trap table and ref exercises all in one
  • There are individual springs (like the Trap table) which make you challenge both sides of your body better, as well as better targeting your pelvic stability.

30 minute Power classes are designed to work your body at a higher intensity for a shorter period, which will provide extra variety to your exercise routine. If you’re keen on finding out more, give our Botany branch a call on 09 274 6000 or email them at botany@peakpilates.co.nz.

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