Pandemic-Pilates: Making Your Course Work For You

Digital learning has gone mainstream, and in a hurry. It’s has been a crash course in digital learning for many education providers around the world as we’re tasked with making study “work” for Students and Educators alike, in fresh, untested digital spaces. For Pilates ITC, COVID-19 has forced us to reimagine in-person learning experiences for a digital space, without compromising on quality, support and engagement value. (All without the luxury of time and practice!) Plus, a bunch of other operational considerations that shoot off from this. It all spells: big change. But our team and our Students are up for it.

Our priority is to keep you moving: figuratively and literally. This is what we keep coming back to. Don’t stop studying. Just keep going.

But how can you be your best Student-self, in the age of Pandemic Pilates?

Here’s how to thrive in this new age of digital learning…