Pilates in the Present: Why Now is a Great Time for Pilates Certification in San Francisco

Pilates Certification San Fransisco


“Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.” – John Steinbeck


A pilates teacher certification is so much more than a piece of paper. Working towards your Pilates certification is a dual-purposed road; one of self-discovery, and another of finding ways to support the health and wellness of others. Our mission at Soulful Pilates in San Francisco is to help you create a body and mind that is healthy, strong, and happy. Whether you are a veteran Pilates student looking to gain more depth in your practice, or a newcomer seeking alternatives to your wellness routine, our Pilates certification course will bring diverse and lasting benefits to your life. It’s a big claim, but we can back it up.


Why Teach Pilates?

Pilates Certification San Fransisco

If teaching Pilates is your goal, you’re in luck. San Francisco has a perfect market for this nearly 100-year-old practice. Our central Haight-Ashbury location draws students from all ages, backgrounds, and physical goals and abilities. San Francisco’s recent increase of young professionals provides an ideal customer base that can benefit from the strengthening and healing practice of Pilates, both physically and mentally. San Francisco’s rich culture has long promoted the values of well-being and physical health, consequently attracting a large population of students willing to explore the benefits of Pilates. Right now, Pilates teachers are in demand, offering a fulfilling and enlightening source of income for anyone looking to become a teacher in the field.


Another draw for becoming Pilates certified is it’s enduring following. Pilate’s long, rich history has provided a tried-and-tested approach that separates it from other fitness fads. Additionally, it’s low-impact nature allows students to practice for decades, avoiding the joint injuries so common to other fitness practices. While Pilates may not be “the next new thing”, it’s longevity speaks to it’s effectiveness and continued appeal.


Pilates Certification as a Road to Personal Growth

Pilates Certification San Fransisco

Whether you decide to actually teach pilates or not, working towards your Pilates Certification will be a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor. By cultivating a better sense of balance, strength, flexibility, and grace will benefit you both inside and outside of the studio. You will deepen your knowledge of your physical anatomy, and find ways to focus that mind that can benefit your working and personal life. The Pilates teacher certification can also help students with verbal and nonverbal communication, public speaking, and provide a sense of achievement.


More About Soulful Pilates

Soulful Pilate’s Master Teacher, Véronique Dumont, offers the Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program (the PSC Program). The PSC Program is internationally recognized and combines Joseph Pilate’s original 1920s theories and techniques with contemporary knowledge. This program builds on the founding principles of Pilates: core strength, muscle engagement, alignment, balance, and flexibility. Our Pilates Certification program is designed to support small class sizes and a high level of engagement between students and teachers. The program not only dives into the history, theory, and practice of Pilates, but also features teachings on basic human anatomy, in order to provide a strong context for your practice.


Learn more about our classes here.

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