Pilates Workouts & What They’re All About

Pilates Workouts & What They’re All About

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Pilates workouts


Pilates workouts concentrate on breathing techniques and movements and work towards enhancing the flexibility, strength, and posture of the body without adding a lot of muscle mass. These exercises use the “powerhouse” areas of your body that includes your abdominals and core muscles for the execution of different poses.

Some Types of Pilate Exercises Include:

•    Cadillac Exercises: Rather than using heavy weights, Cadillac exercises uses springs as exercise equipment. In this kind of exercise, by using machine specific movement and resistance, you will sculpt your body without worrying about the dangers of heavy weightlifting.
•    Mat Exercises: Mat exercises are the basic form of Pilate exercises. With mat exercises, you will be able to tone abdominal muscles, obliques, and transverse abdominous.
•    Magic Circle Exercises: This exercise is done using a Pilates magic circle also known as the Big O, which aids as a circular resistant so that you can tone your muscles.
•    Wunda Chair Exercises: This chair sits in spring which will move with your hands and feet in order to create resistance.

Benefits of Pilates

1.    It strengthens the core:

Pilates workouts
Pilates is helpful in developing a strong core. The core includes deep abdominal muscles accompanied by muscles nearest to the spine. Control of the core is obtained by assimilating the trunk, shoulder girdle, and pelvis.

2.    It helps in getting flexible and lean muscles:

Pilates workouts
The general form of exercise like weight lifting tends to build short and bulky muscles which are more prone to injury. Pilates, on the other hand, strengthens and elongates, enhances the flexibility of the muscles, and mobility of the joint. When your body has strength as well as flexibility it is less likely to get injured.

3.    It helps in creating an evenly conditioned body:

Pilates workouts
A lot of the traditional workout tends to work in the same vein for the same muscles. This makes the weak muscles weaker and strengthens the already strong muscles, hence causes muscular imbalance. Muscular imbalance is the main cause of chronic back pain and injury. Pilates is helpful in conditioning the whole body including the ankle and feet. The entire body muscle is equally conditioned and balanced thus helping you to enjoy the regular activities and sport with ease and enhanced performance and decrease the risk of injury. This makes Pilates such an important part of sportsperson’s fitness regime.

4.    It helps you in getting smoother movements:

Pilates workouts
Pilate help in training different groups of muscles to perform in one smooth, consistent movement. In fact, with proper techniques, you can re-train your body to be much safer and develop more efficient moving patterns. This is something vital for sports performance, injury recovery, optimal health, and good posture.

5.    It enhances your focus:

Pilates workouts
Pilates allows you to focus on your body, breath and how they both move together. Pilates takes a serious amount of concentration from you. This means that you will forget about everything else in life and focus on the exercise. This will, in turn, help your brain to focus well on other matters as well.

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Duets (all prices per person)

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Apparatus Classes:

 Reformer and Chair (limited to 4 students)

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  • 5 sessions $170 ($34 each)
  • 10 sessions $330 ($33 each)

Springboard/Props (limited to 4 students)

  • Single Drop-in $26
  • 5 sessions $120 ($24 each)
  • 10 sessions $230 ($23 each)

Pilates Barre (minimum 3 students)

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  • 5 sessions $100 ($20 each)
  • 10 sessions $190 ($19 each)

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