racist incidents at SEMO

Chris Licameli was three years an Assistant Coach at Southeast Missouri.

Recall he was the self-funded coach for Canada at the last FISU Games, a team which included SEMO gymnast Alana Fischer.

In a new, personal blog post, Chris recounts a number of racist incidents he observed with the team and — at times — tried to stop.

“More needs to be addressed by the university & Athletics Department on this current Human Rights Issue of racism in this country, the NCAA, and at this Institution.

I have reached out to the Athletic Director of this institution’s Athletic Department letting them know that there are still public displays of racism on official team social media accounts and the athletic department’s website. …

To all my former black student athletes, black student athletes across the NCAA, and to all persons of color, I stand with you, I am here to listen, advocate, and support, because BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Read his entire post.

Here’s a statement from the SEMO Athletics Department.