SAVE NCAA Men’s Gymnastics

College Gymnastics Association launched a fundraiser to help Men’s teams survive.

You can target which team(s) you want to support.

  • A single day fundraising campaign that will begin on National Gymnastics Day, September 19th, with The Perfect 10 Push-up Challenge.

  • The act of doing 10 pushups will be a symbol of the strength needed to maintain our programs and continue to flourish as a college sport.

  • 95% of funds will be distributed back to programs to help them relieve their financial burden to their respective athletic departments.

  • 5% to CGA

    • Rationale:

      • Utilized to help grow collegiate gymnastics opportunities

      • Build a fund to utilize in emergency cases

      • Administering of all campaigns

      • Distribution of funds

      • Social media posts from CGA accounts

      • Deals with CGA Sponsors (TURN and Spieth),

    • Processing fees:

      • 2.9% + $0.30 Stripe fee

      • 1.5% DonorBox fee

      • 0.6% CGA