Saving NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Roundtable

Dave Tilley put together an impressive group of experts:

  • Kensley Behel from the GymCastic podcast
  • Justin Spring, Head Coach of Illinois Men’s Gymnastics
  • Brett McClure, the Men’s High-Performance Director for USAG
  • Mike Burns, Head Coach of Minnesota Men’s Gymnastics
  • Mark Williams, Head Coach of Oklahoma Men’s Gymnastics

Over an hour and a half, we discuss some crucial issues including:

  • When they feel the sport starts to be in danger of decline
  • How Title IX and open-ended scorings impact programs dropping
  • How COVID-19 and financial crisis has contributed to programs being cut
  • The role of fundraising, sponsorship, and changing NCAA season structure for helping prevent program loss
  • The role of USAG and the USOPC in helping Men’s NCAA Gymnastics
  • What steps people can take right now to help save college men’s gymnastics

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