September Deep Breaths

Okay, so I know it’s controversial since it is still September, but I will just get it out of the way now… at this moment, I have a spiced pumpkin candle burning, I am sipping my pumpkin spice coffee and I had some pumpkin spice cream cheese today. I am that person.

But, here’s the thing — whether it’s buying up all the pumpkin things Aldi’s has to offer and practically dancing when you find a new pumpkin-flavored item, or clinging to every last minute of summer weather and outside day with the kiddo, the thing about September is that we can all live in the same season, but be focusing on totally different things.

We did it the controversial back to school season has been done. How are you holding up? Hanging in there? As we all continue to navigate these uncharted waters, we hope you are able to find a balance between productivity, fitness, and relaxation. Our team is working to provide you with the motivation to keep going into 2021. We have a big year-end challenge for your details👇🏻
And for the record… it’s not too early for pumpkin. Make good decisions!Your Absolute Pilates family 🧡

PS Remember to check out the clearance leggings since we all wear sweatpants all the time now. You are also welcome to borrow a bin of any size xs & Small, Medium, Large

Kiss that pandemic panic goodbye!

Throughout the final three months of the year, we’re experimenting with a new and refreshing series of challenges that will allow you to explore your Pilates, barre, and exercise routine, try new classes, feel your best, and score some SWAG and passes to some awesome events!

Referral Challenge

Do you have any friends or family that might love a free week of classes In-person or @home? Reach out to Allison Allison@absolutepilates.com. We have a special surprise planned for everyone that sends us a referral between now and then 9/30.

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