Sherri Betz – Strength Training Concepts (45 mins) – Level 1

Dr. Sherri Betz guides us through the first class of her series Frail to Fit. She classifies a “fit” older adult as someone who can get up and down off of the Mat without assistance, and a “frail” older adult as someone who can’t. The first half of the class is strength training for the “fit” older adult who wants to build bone density, and the second half of the class focuses on the “frail” older adult who needs assistance in the same exercises. The props you will need for this class are a chair, 1 or 2 dowels, a sturdy object such as a couch, a stool, dog leash, Theraband, Yoga Strap, Yoga Block, and a box filled with weight such as water bottles. This class can also be applied to teachers looking to gain better understanding of how to help their older clients build strength and work their way up to a more traditional Pilates Class.