The 2021 Fit Planner is HERE!

Hey guys!


Every year, after we release a Fit Planner, we spend the entire next year crafting the next one because it is seriously one of my favorite things to create for you! I’ve been doing this since 2014 and each year, I listen to your feedback, thoughts, and requests. I want this to be YOUR planner, YOUR year, and YOUR journey!

Sooo…. I took everything you said into consideration and this is now my favorite year of all our planners!

This planner integrates your personal life and your fitness life into one place and helps keep all of your visions on track. You know me, I loveeeee to write things down and journal, so I personally use this Fit Planner every single year. It’s the one thing I cannot live without.

And before I go into more detail, I know that 2020 was hard. It was unexpected and it turned us all on our heads. But remember, every day, every moment, and every year, is another chance to keep moving towards your dreams. Nothing happens overnight. It’s a culmination of hard work and dedication. Your yearly Fit Planner helps you capture every one of those moments – the good and the tough. It will be there with you every step of the way.

Are you ready for 2021?!

Pre-order yours now right here! They ship out November 16th!

The 2021 Fit Planners 

Okay. It’s not one, but TWO FIT PLANNERS!!! AHHHHHH!! This is our first time ever releasing 2 different covers!!

One of the biggest requests was to have more cover choices for more personality types, so here it is! I am sooooo obssessed with both covers… I actually can’t choose my fave. Choose from our Floral or Citrus cover to match your 2021 vibe! No matter which one you choose, I really don’t think you can go wrong.

These Fit Planners sell out SUPER FAST, you guys. I’m not just saying that. Every single year we sell out and when it’s gone, it’s gone! So make sure you pre-order yours now!

What do you need to know about the 2021 Fit Planners?

  • There is a journaling section with thoughtful questions to help you effectively envision the new year and set smart goals
  • GORGEOUS artwork every month to keep you inspired!
  • Glossy hardcover, gold spiral-bound, and sparkly gold band match and keep things together
  • Every month also includes a habit tracker, goal setting, and measurements if you’re going on a specific fitness journey
  • You get an overarching monthly view, a weekly spread for quick schedule glances, and more detailed daily pages for your to-do lists
  • Every month has brand new fun recipes to try
  • Every week has a mini-challenge to help keep you focused, plus space to track appointments, events, workouts, and grocery lists
  • Every day has a section to track mood, sleep, water, meals, and of course, a to-do list
  • Plus, matching stickers to make those important events really stand out!

Ahhh and SO MUCH MORE. I seriously cannot live without mine!

2021 Wall Calendars 


I feel like my life is already organized by just looking at this. A matching wall calendar for every planner. You’re seriously gonna be soooo ON POINT next year!

Can’t forget the stickers

THE STICKERS! AHHH the stickers!

Growing up, I loved stickers so much but I never used them because I wanted them to live forever. Was that just me?! I am positive that bag is still somewhere at my parent’s house.

BUT, I don’t want you to be me when I was a kid. I want you to USE these stickers! Put them all over your planner, stick ’em on important dates, and let them inspire you! I made sure to include 4 sheets of stickers so that you could use them to your heart’s desire. That’s 360 stickers!!

Make sure to go grab your pre-order now! I cannot wait to hear what you think of the new planners and most importantly, I can’t wait to see what amazing things you plan for yourself next year.

Who’s ready for 2021?!!

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