The Polestar Experience Online: August 15, 2020

Get a taste of Polestar Pilates in the comfort of your home with our international team of practitioners!

**6 NCPT Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Continuing Education Credits Pending**

PAY WHAT YOU CAN: We normally offer The Polestar Experience for $200, but we know times are hard and we want everyone to participate who would like to. We have offered a few ticket options so that you can pay what you can while still receiving the full experience during the current pandemic situation. Please choose the ticket you can afford. 

Your ticket includes free, unlimited replays of the event for a month following the experience. All registrants will be provided the replay link soon afterward.

Schedule (In Eastern Time)

10am-11am: Come have a ball with Pilates! With Ariza Bronz

In this playful class we will work with a tennis-sized ball to bring new life to Pilates exercises that you love. We will also offer some new movements that you may have never done before! Bring your tennis ball or equivalent and get ready to be creative and have fun.

Open to all levels without significant injury. You must be able to get up and down off of the ground.

11am-1pm: Exercise Adaptations for the Adult with Scoliosis with Lise Stolze & Hagit Berdishevsky: 11am-1pm

This 2-hour workshop will provide some exercise guidelines for the adult with scoliosis.

Structural scoliosis is primarily an instability disorder with collapses and contractures. Creating alignment by expanding concavities and stabilizing curve transition areas is essential to the adult with scoliosis who is entering a fitness program.

This workshop will address scoliosis risk factors, curve types, and exercise recommendations based on risk and movement competence. Having a basic understanding of these concepts will provide you with initial tools for addressing your next client with scoliosis.

This workshop is geared toward fitness, Pilates and Yoga instructors but may also benefit the adult living with scoliosis.

1:30pm-2:30pm: Kennyth Montes de Oca – FLOOR IT!

Join Kennyth for an exploration on various points of contact with the floor to optimize balance, weight bearing and stability.

2:30pm – 4:30 pm: Brent Anderson – Optimizing the Polestar Assessment Tool

For over 2 decades, Polestar has been a world leader in using screening and assessment tools to create the optimal exercise prescription for each of our clients. This workshop will allow you to enhance your plan design.

Anderson will bring further knowledge and applicability to assessment tools so that you can apply the results of any assessment quickly, confidently and have a system for your decision-making process. This workshop will also discuss the Polestar Assessment Tool (PAT).

These tools can all be used in virtual settings in your Pilates, yoga and PT practice.