The Polestar Experience Online: September 26, 2020

Get a taste of Polestar Pilates in the comfort of your home with our international team of practitioners! **6 NCPT Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Continuing Education Credits Pending**

PAY WHAT YOU CAN: We normally offer The Polestar Experience for $200, but we know times are hard and we want everyone to participate who would like to. We have offered a few ticket options so that you can pay what you can while still receiving the full experience during the current pandemic situation. Please choose the ticket you can afford. 

Your ticket includes free, unlimited replays of the event for a month following the experience. All registrants will be provided the replay link soon afterward.

Schedule (In Eastern Time)

10 – 11 am “Power Up” with Shelly Power

In this 60-minute workshop we will explore the Pilates Mat exercises with an emphasis on connecting the puzzle pieces to improve our ability to get the most out of the movements.

11 – 1 pm “From the Core and Beyond” with Diane Nye

What do you believe about your core? How to you relate to it? How does it connect to other internal systems in the body? How does it relate outwards to your extremities? Does it block or unite your whole body movement?

Learn to move in a connected way to achieve more balanced and efficient movement. Experience what you are feeling in your body and mind Have experiences in your mind to make new and positive changes in your body!

1:30 – 3:30 pm “TMJ, Neck Shoulders & Head Discomfort”: A new and creative approach in management with Serafino Ambrosio

Join Serafino, Polestar Licensee and Principle educator in Italy , on this innovative and transformative journey into seeing connections in this fascinating body zone that often causes discomfort . After a brief introduction, Serafino will help you explore and understand new movements to include into your Pilates repertoire.

A fun and playful approach full of surprises and information that will help you connect and ‘see’ more. Enjoy the ride !

3:30 – 4:30 pm “The Pelvis Connection” with Mirko Turla

Join Mirko in his mat class, where the emphasis will be on enhancing the connection between the lower extremities and pelvis. We will explore and play with verbal cues, imagery cues and exercises designed to help your clients better understand how to activate their core muscles without overusing their legs. Teaser anyone?