This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Hey guys!

If you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with water. I literally carry around my 64oz POPFLEX bottle with me everywhere I go and I am constantly drinking water! My trick to staying extra hydrated is adding a little hint of flavor with some fruits.

Anyway, the only struggle for me is on the days where I’m super busy with filming or other work stuff, I sometimes don’t get enough water. During my 90 Day Journey, I discovered that I feel A LOT better on the days I’m well-hydrated. But I never really knew why! So I did a little research to see if water was really making such a big difference in how I feel and I learned SO MUCH.

You guys, the science behind this is soooo fascinating.

Shall we discuss?!

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How much water do you need? 

Okay… so how much water do we actually need?

The easiest rule of thumb is to drink 8, 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Obviously, some people will need more and some will need less. Exercising, living at high altitudes or a hot environment where you’re more likely to sweat, being pregnant or breastfeeding, or being sick can all cause higher fluid needs. So while it’s good to have the “8×8” rule in mind, a lot of experts recommend sipping on water all day, and to keep drinking as long as you’re thirsty.

Getting enough water is important for:

  • Regulating your body temperature
  • Getting rid of waste
  • Lubricating your joints
  • Overall taking care of your tissues

If you’re not sure you’re drinking enough, your body can give you a couple of pretty good clues. Thirst is the obvious one. And the second is the color of your pee! Sounds gross but it’s an easy way to check! You want it to be a very pale, almost clear yellow. If it’s darker yellow… go drink!

What happens when you’re dehydrated? 

Your body is always losing water… through sweat, pee, etc. If you don’t drink enough to keep your fluid levels up, it’s pretty easy to become dehydrated. And that can cause some problems.

Fatigue – One of the first signs that makes me realize I haven’t had enough water is feeling sleepy!

Headache – If you don’t rehydrate on a hot day or after a hard workout, you’re asking for a headache. When I get a dehydration headache, I know it’s bad!

Moodiness – Tired and cranky? It might be time to hydrate.

Difficulty concentrating – I think the fatigue, moodiness and lack of focus all go hand-in-hand. Basically, if you’re feeling these things, grab some water!

Hunger and cravings – If you’re feeling snacky, your body might actually be asking for some water. Being dehydrated can cause cravings too – especially sweets!

Bloating – I IMMEDIATELY reach for water if I notice I’m bloated. It will help to get things “moving,” if you know what I mean 😉

Constipation – Water gets things moving in your intestines. Without enough, everything will slow down!

Dry skin – “Dehydrated” skin looks dull and can be flakey. Drink up if you want dewy, youthful skin.

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Tricks to stay hydrated

If you don’t love drinking water, or you literally just forget to drink throughout the day (sounds weird but so easy to do when you’re busy!), you can try some things to set yourself up for hydration success! Here are some of my favorite ways to make sure I’m drinking enough water.

  • Get yourself a big water bottle – And keep it on you at all times.
  • Use fruit for flavor – If water is bleh, add some flavor! Sliced lemon, lime, berries, or cucumber for light, add a really refreshing taste.
  • Set “checkpoints” throughout your day – Break up your day with water breaks. Every time you eat, take a bathroom break, etc., drink a glass! You could even set alarms during the day to get yourself into the habit.
  • Make sure you have water with your meals – And “drinks” don’t count!
  • Use technology – Download an app or invest in a smart water bottle to track your water intake

Eating foods with high water content helps you stay hydrated too!

Yes! Food can help you hydrate! Some foods with high water content include cucumber, celery, zucchini, watermelon and grapefruit.

Things that contribute to dehydration

There are some things you could be eating and drinking that are actually sabotaging your efforts to stay hydrated! Things like…

Caffeine – Coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks won’t exactly quench your thirst. Try to drink some water before you go for the caffeine.

Salty Foods – Eating too much sodium can pull water from your cells, making you dehydrated.

Sugary Foods and Drinks – Excess sugar actually pulls more water from your tissues, leading to dehydration.

Alcohol – Alcohol is suuuuper dehydrating, which is one reason you get a hangover if you drink too much. If you want to have a few drinks, just try to drink water in between.

Final Thoughts

Water is a big part of your overall health. If you don’t drink enough, chances are you’re going to feel the effects. If you’re feeling tired, moody, have dry skin, or other signs of dehydration, make it a priority to drink more water throughout the day!

Do you have any good tips or tricks that help with drinking more water?! Tell me in the comments! 

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