Tips to Realize the Pilates Teacher You Are and Embrace It

When you begin your Pilates journey you may not know who you are as a teacher but, as you work through your career and into that dream job of Pilates knowing who you are and who you aspire to be as a teacher is key to your success teaching Pilates. Sounds simple right? I have some tips to guide you in those moments of uncertainty. The journey to becoming who you are as a Pilates teacher, being the most successful self you can be is challenging sometimes and there will be moments you question yourself and wonder should you being different? Should you be like that Pilates teacher or this Pilates teacher?

I remember when I was in my Teacher Training and spending all those hours in the studio watching and observing the teachers there. I will never forget one of the teachers there Julie, she frightened and fascinated me. She was very strong in her tactile cues and would be all over the client to guide them into the shape or position she was asking for. Her verbiage was full of Anatomy terms that sounded like a doctor talking to another doctor. On top of that the speed the words flew out of her mouth left me wondering did she breathe EVER? I kept thinking “ I will never be able to do that!” The feeling I had was that I was never going to be that good.

The truth is moments like that are always going to be there but, believing in your success, knowing and realizing who you are and continuing on your path will lead you to the greatest success possible for you. To truly listen to your own voice and not others. You will be happier, confident, passionate and that will be your key to YOUR success.

Here are my tips to guide you in being who you are!

  1. Be authentic-Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself about who you are, not what others say.

  2. Believe in yourself– You must believe in yourself and your abilities no matter what others say or do. If it doesn’t feel like you, doesn’t resonate with you then it isn’t YOU. No matter how discouraged you may get at times know that you will always have everything in you that you need. There is no reason to look elsewhere or be someone else.

  3. Remove the self doubters– You will have those moments when you are struggling to believe in yourself and who you are. Self-doubt will invade your thoughts. You have to push those moments aside, take those people and your self limiting beliefs and move forward leaving them behind.

  4. Have a vision– Knowing who you are will give you that vision of where you are going. Keep your vision in mind as you reach each milestone. Without having the idea in mind of who you want to be, you will not know where or how to aim for it. Keep your vision tat the op of mind as you reach each milestone to motivate you to push forward and to keep you true to who you are.

  5. Realize You are YOU- This is the most important and probably the hardest in today’s world. Instagram and social media can put a lot of pressure on what things should look like or be. Put your blinders on and continue doing what feels like you, is you and shows the world you!

In reality realizing who you are as a teacher requires some courage, perseverance and a true belief in yourself. To be who you are, not who you want to be! Your path will turn and zig but, knowing who you are will give you the confidence to stay true to you. This will bring you more clients, more classes and more to your Pilates life.

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