UNINTENDED consequences of Title IX

Temple alumnus Law student Jeff Shearer published a paper on Title IX and Men’s Gymnastics in the Pace Intellectual Property, Sports & Entertainment Law Forum.


I wrote this paper because of my passion for gymnastics and the fact that the sport has seen a numerical decline in varsity programs over the years.

I demonstrate how Title IX and the commercialization of college sports are—in my opinion—the cause of this problem.

I close with an argument that the binary application of Title IX will only cause more challenges for transgender athletes and sports programs. …

Title IX is pretty complicated and I attempt to break it down for a non-legal audience with my writing.

Please share this paper throughout the gymnastics community so that people can be educated about why the sport has lost so many programs over the years. I am hoping it can help any program that is currently struggling to survive.

You can read or download that paper here:

Good Initiative, Bad Judgement: The Unintended Consequences of Title IX’s Proportionality Standard on NCAA Men’s Gymnastics and the Transgender Athlete

Thanks Jesse.