USAG on safe reopening

It seems to many that USA Gymnastics was quite slow in posting their own document.

Member clubs had already reopened before they saw this document, I believe.

Here’s a SAMPLE:


• Athlete safety is paramount, and coaches should not be restricted from spotting an athlete if necessary, to protect the athlete from injury.

• While spotting remains an important element to athlete safety, consider alternative teaching/coaching methods that align with social distancing protocols.

• Clearly communicate any alternative teaching/coaching methods so they are understood by the athletes and their parents.

• Coaches should consider the use of gloves for personal contact, with a goal of switching gloves between athletes.

Parent Viewing

• Per USA Gymnastics’ Safe Sport Policy, a parent/guardian must be provided the opportunity to observe their child’s training.

Read the entire document for yourself:

USAG Safe Reopening