What’s Actually Going On In Your Body When You’re Bloated

Hey guys!

You know the feeling. You eat something delicious like pizza, mayyyybe overdo it a bit…and out of nowhere, your stomach feels like a balloon.

OMG I’ve been there so many times.

We’ve talked a lot about what causes bloat and how to avoid it, but are you ever curious about what is ACTUALLY going on in our body when we’re bloated? Well, I did some research for us!

Are you bloated or just full?

YEP, there’s a difference!

It’s so common to throw around phrases like “ugh I feel so bloated” after eating a big meal. But actually, you’re not technically bloated. You might have just eaten too much! Overeating just makes you uncomfortable because your stomach is full. People tend to treat bloating as a symptom of overeating, like it’s something that is SUPPOSED to happen after a meal.

But it’s not!

Bloating is actually a reaction that causes your abdomen to distend or “balloon,” which brings that discomfort we all dread. It’s usually caused by things OTHER than overeating.

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You feel like a balloon when you bloat for a reason

And the reason is…. GAS.

Some foods just produce more gas when you eat them. These are usually foods like:

  • Beans
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Cruciferous veggies (like broccoli and cauliflower)
  • Onions
  • Dairy

Sometimes more gas is produced because the bacteria in your intestines that absorb your food are out of whack. It’s totally normal for these bacteria to produce some gas, but they may produce more if you’ve been on antibiotics or if your gut microbiota is just off for other reasons. A food sensitivity can cause this too!

This is why sugar alcohols can make you bloated too. They get to your intestines pretty much undigested, so the bacteria that breaks them down produces more gas!

Something as simple as taking in excess air could cause a buildup of pressure in your tummy too. That happens when you chew gum, eat too fast, or drink through a straw.

Take a closer look if you’re bloated too often!

It’s definitely not normal to feel uncomfortable on a regular basis. If that’s happening, think about some of the foods you’re eating to see if maybe that’s the culprit. It’s also a good idea to talk to your doctor to get it figured out.

Otherwise, I have a whole post on things that can help prevent bloating, and how to tell the difference between bloat and belly fat here!

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